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Book Scanning

Rare books and historic documents require special handling when converting to digital in order to keep your originals safe. Our high-quality, non-destructive scanning process captures your entire books’ contents without any damage to your originals (including bindings), so you can reproduce them worry free.

If you do not need to keep the originals, you can take advantage of our newest, lowest-cost book scanning option called Book Cutting. This new advancement in Book Scanning technology powers through books up to 3.75” thick to produce the highest-quality images available today.

Non-Destructive Scanning

We use DT-BC100 scanners for non-destructive scanning. This industry-best book scanner employs a dual camera book capture system that offers high quality images, safe handling, and superior productivity. It is 30 times faster than other book scanners.

The DT-BC100 is ideal for bound and loose materials, serials including newspapers, images, drawings, and much more, with exceptional capabilities, including:

  • The book cradle holds bound books up to 6”
  • The glass platen accommodates sizes larger than 17”x24” or A2 size per side
  • Delivery of preservation grade digital files in TIFF, JPEG, and PDFs.
  • Open Source Raw and DNG are supported.

Book Cutting Scanning

We use Triumph-5255 Book Cutting Scanners to digitize archive books in which originals can be left behind. Triumph-5255 is a major advancement in book scanning technology with cutting-edge capabilities that:

  • Speed up the book scanning process. An entire book can be cut and prepped for rapid scanning in a matter of seconds.
  • Precisely cut books up to 3.75 inches thick with no text lost.
  • Can automate the cuts for your entire book collection.

There is simply no faster, easier way to transform your books into digital files.

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